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09 April 2012 @ 07:46 pm
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Lies; Flower of Darkness [Junseob/pg13-nc17]
♥ Two best friend that's been together thick and thin.
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Trigger [JunSeob/pg13-nc17]
♥ They picked him up from the streets, a man with a mysterious past and became one of them. Now his name is Yang Yoseob.
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Kyungsoo wants to replace the pain into something physical, and then he meets tattoo artist Chanyeol.
Prologue: Tattoo | Part One: of Arts and Sparks |

Trigger [87line/pg13-nc17]
♥ They picked him up from the streets, a man with a mysterious past and became one of them. Now his name is Yang Yoseob.
00 | 01 | 02 | 03 |

Casanova and Love [Jaesu/pg13-nc17]
♥ What will happen when the two met? Will they hate? Or will they love? No one knows yet. How long have they really felt love? One is searching for love, and the other is playing with it. This is a story about The Casanova realizing that he’s falling for The Love One.
parts 00 | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08
extras 00 |

My love for you in not enough [Yoosu/pg13]
♥ Junsu loves Yoochun, and Yoochun knows it, but does he love Junsu back?
01 | 02
ending 01 | 02 *there's two endings

Untitle [Yoosu/pg13-nc17]
♥ Junsu’s parents going to the State to solve the problem about their Companies. Well Junsu’s problems is that his parents are over protective of him, and they send him to his fathers’ assistant’s care, and the other problem is that, his father assistant, also known as Mr.Park, is going to a business trip and ask his son, Yoochun, to take care of Junsu instead, will the two get along?
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Super Junior
Good friends [Haehyuk/pg13]

Eunhyuk's confuse. Donghae's homophobic. Kyuhyun and Heechul are insane. Leeteuk and Siwon are in sane. Yesung and Ryeowook are lovely. How's their friendship/relationship works?
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05


3 special words [theSeob/g]
Because I know [Yoseob, 2jun/g]
Because we are ONE [OT6/g]
Coke [Junseob/g]
Colour Pencils [Hyunseon/g]
Eyeliner [Hyunseob/g]
Fly again [theSeob/g]
Green, Yellow, Red [Junseob/nc17]
Goodbye [Junseob/pg13]
Happy Birthday Junhyung [OT6/g]
How can he...? [Kiseob/g]
I'm Sorry [Junseob/g]
It's a Christmas present from Santa? [OT6/g]
It's alright [Yoseob, Junseung/pg]
Midnight Kiss [theSeob/g]
Mistake [Junseob/g]
Tease** [Junseob/nc17]
The more I love you [Junseob/G]
Troubling night [Junseob/pg]

Block B
New Year countdown** [Jaehyuk/nc17]

A little too late [Jaesu/g]
Being use, or not [Yoosu/pg13]
He smiled, He sighed [Jaesu/g]
His day [Chun-centric/g]
Insomnia [Yoosu/g]
It hurts [Yoosu/g]
Misunderstanding [Yoosu/pg13]
Monday morning [Yoosu/g]
Promises [Yoosu/pg13]
When we met [Jaesu/g]
Without you [Yoosu/g]

Embrace the cute stuff [Krisoo/g]
Not Cute [Krisoo/pg13]
RLAB [Krisoo/nc17]
Titles [bf!Chansoo, Krisoo, Baekyeol/pg]
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? [Taosoo/g]

5 times Chinen and Hikaru Shared a bed [Hikachii/g]
5 times Chinen got a piggy back [none/g]
Accident [Takabu/g]
Boss** [Hikachii/nc17]
Chiitaro do exist [Chiitaro/pg13]
I'm here for you [Keichii/g] a sequel to 'it hurts'
It hurts [Hikachii/g]
It's you [Takayama/g]
One word that's full of meaning [Arijima/g]
Wonders [Chiitaro/pg]

She smiled, He sighed [Heefany/g]

Super Junior
Loving U** [Haehyuk/r]
Loving U (Prequel)** [Haehyuk/r]
My Monkey boy [Sunghyuk/g]
Pumpkin with anchovy [Sunghyuk/g]
She smiled, He sighed [Heefany/g]
Teach me something new [Boomhyuk/g]
Those 3 special words [Haehyuk/g]

A feeling that's hard to forget [Dooseob/pg13]
♥ It’s a feeling that’s hard to express.

He's my brother-in-law [Hosu, Yunjae/pg13]
Just because...[Yoosu/pg13-nc17]
♥ Park Yoochun wants to live in an apartment with the cheapest rental, but he have to stay with a person who’s named Kim Junsu, who owned the place and searching for someone to pay the bill with him. But who is this Kim Junsu really is?

Best Friend [KeiChi/pg13]
Why do I fall in love with you [HikaChii/R]
♥ Yaotome Hikaru is a guy who always joke around, but ever since he met Chinen Yuri, also known as his roommate, he became more responsible. After finding out that Chinen is a son of a Yakuza he thought he should not make the other angry. But after one incident that involve Chinen, he’s unsure about his fear feeling towards the younger boy anymore, is it fear or is it pity? He’s unsure.

Mrs. Ichigotabetaimissyoosu on April 9th, 2012 03:19 pm (UTC)
Wow. You've been busy. Nice to see you!
aikoaiko103 on April 10th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
Yea, I can't do it all in one day -.-
Nice to see you too!
I'm so so sooooo touch that you still remember me [tears]