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07 November 2013 @ 08:14 am
Not cute  
title Not Cute
pairing Krisoo
type oneshot
words 1,516
rating pg13 (sexual containt and swearing)
genre crack, fluff (i have no idea tbh)
warning unbeta
summary a 19 year old Wu Yifan calling a 16 year old Do Kyungsoo in public is not alright, until... (blame the hormones)
note written for our picasso's birthday and it's a sequel of embrace the cute stuff. since i drag my lazy a** to write this, don't expect a lot but have fun reading.

Not cute

Do Kyungsoo has had enough with Wu Yifan or known as Kris Wu, every single chances the giant gets he will be by his side calling him baby. Kyungsoo doesn’t mind him calling him that when they were still kids but Do Kyungsoo is 16 years old and he doesn’t appreciate Yifan calling him baby in public and for god sake, Wu Yifan is 19 years old they’re too old for that.

“Come one baby bro, it’s not that bad,” Seungsoo tells him when Kyungsoo ran into his room leaving him and Yifan out in the living room.

“Convince me,” Kyungsoo sits on his bed, legs crossing, cheeks puff out in irritation and it’s indeed an adorable sight. “Being called baby in public, I’m not a kid!”

Seungsoo smiles at his brother, “it’s better than calling you princess or baby princess, don’t you agree?” Kyungsoo cringes at the reminder and glares at his brother for it but his brother still continue. “I even call my girlfriend, baby, she loves it.”

Kyungsoo jaw hang open at what his brother mention. “I’m not a girl and you definitely didn’t treat your girlfriend like the way that giant treat me!”

“By the way I see it he takes care of you way better than I did to my girlfriends.”

Seungsoo leaves his brother’s room before the words absorb into him, despite the cute adorable physical that he has his personality wise he is not cute, he’s a satan in disguise.

“DO SEUNGSOOOOOO! YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!” Yup, just like what Seungsoo predicts.

Despite all the embarrassment whenever he’s with Yifan, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to the other. Remembering what his brother had said yesterday Kyungsoo wonders if Yifan had any girlfriends.

“Hyung?” Kyungsoo calls the other who’s sitting in front of him, seeing that the other looks up to him directly suddenly made him swallow his words back in. “Never mind.”

Yifan knows Kyungsoo very well, when Kyungsoo says never mind it means something is bothering him. “What’s wrong baby?” Yifan calls out as softly and gently as possible as he reaches out to hold onto Kyungsoo’s hand.

“I- you,” Kyungsoo hesitates and this worries Yifan, Do Kyungsoo did not flip off when he calls him baby.

“You’re being weird right now, you’re not shouting at me,” Yifan points out and Kyungsoo sighs.

“Don’t you have any girlfriends?” Kyungsoo finally asks, irritated at himself.

“I had a few but none stays,” Yifan tells him honestly.

“Why would they when they always have to witness you clinging onto me?” Kyungsoo mumbles.

“and the fact I only call you baby made them lose it,” Yifan admits and Kyungsoo has enough.

“Yifan’s birthday is tomorrow,” Kyungsoo’s mother informs them and Kyungsoo groans inwardly.

Every year, they will celebrate birthdays of each family member and including the Wu families. Kyungsoo knows what to get for Yifan but he somehow thought of something else, it won’t be fun to receive soft toys every fucking year, would it.

“I think I’ll bake a cake for him, I don’t feel like going out,” Kyungsoo says. ‘And buy him some fucking soft toys.’

“That’ll be great! You should entertain him while we go shopping,” Kyungsoo’s mother says as she calls Mrs. Wu and informs her about it.

“Great,” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes in annoyance.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Yifan asked as he observes the way Kyungsoo mixed the flour and all the other ingredients diligently.

“I had a boyfriend,” Kyungsoo admits nonchalantly because Yifan should have known.

“I thought he was a friend,” Yifan’s eyes darken and Kyungsoo knows it’s from jealousy.

“A friend doesn’t kiss and have sex with each other Yifan, I’m sure you heard me moaning his name couple of times when we’re in my room,” Kyungsoo says. “Even my brother knows.”

Seeing that Yifan’s still stiffen up on the couch in the living room, Kyungsoo feels the need to soften him up somehow. “We broke up, so there’s no need to look that way.”

Yifan frowns as he looks at Kyungsoo and sighs, “if I ask you why you gave your virginity away like that what are you going to blame on?”

Kyungsoo thinks for a while and sighs, “Hormones, I’ll blame on the hormone that made me horny most of the time.” Kyungsoo smirks at the way Yifan’s jaw hanging wide. “You don’t think I’m cute now do you.”

Do Kyungsoo is a tease, Yifan has taken a note of it. The way Kyungsoo smiles up at him turns to a smirk that obviously making Yifan wonders if all this time Kyungsoo isn’t all that cute.

“My baby brother is cute,” Seungsoo says as he passes Yifan some juice, apparently their parents decides to let the three celebrate Yifan’s birthday alone, after giving their presents to Yifan they left them saying about a trip and letting the boys have the house until Christmas. Yifan doesn’t know if he can survive but knowing that Kyungsoo and Seungsoo will be with him he knows he will survive after all these two brothers know their ways in the kitchen, it’s not that Yifan doesn’t know, he knows to do small stuff.

“But he can be a satan when he wants to be,” Seungsoo continues as he flips to another channel. “He loves it when you call him Baby, he just doesn’t want to admit it. That’s my cute baby brother.”

Seungsoo must either be drunk or sleepy, either way he keeps on calling Kyungsoo cute and a Satan in one sentence and that actually make sense. After a day of Yifan spending the time to observes Kyungsoo he knows that Kyungsoo’s body language is something that cute is not a compliment but sexy is and of course the way Kyungsoo smirks at him, it’s a turn on.

“Hyung, he gets it already, I’m cute and a satan,” Kyungsoo walks out of the kitchen after washing the dishes just to witness his brother mumbling a few things about him. “Get up and go to your room or I’ll kick your flat ass.”

Yup, Kyungsoo still looks cute even when he’s being a satan and surprisingly Seungsoo jolts up and walks backwards away from Kyungsoo. “Don’t you dare kick my ass ever again! And I’m not sleeping here tonight! Good Bye!” With that he left the house with his bag ready at the front door.

Kyungsoo sighs and sits beside Yifan. “Disappointed?”

“Disappointed of what exactly?” Yifan questions him, slinging his arm over Kyungsoo’s shoulder and brings him closer, even closer until Kyungsoo almost, almost sitting on Yifan’s lap.

“I’m not the cute baby that you expect me to be, now that Seungsoo and I have open up your eyes to the reality of me not being cute,” Kyungsoo says as he wiggles around to get a comfortable position until Yifan actually pulls him in between his laps.

“You’re still cute for me,” Yifan grins as he hugs Kyungsoo tightly, placing a kiss on Kyungsoo’s nape, which caught both of them off guard when a moan passes Kyungsoo’s lips.

“Don’t do that every again,” Kyungsoo warns weakly and Yifan smirks, leaning down to suck on the previous area making Kyungsoo moans and thrashes about trying to free himself from Yifan’s strong hold.

“Ahhhhh – Yifan,” Kyungsoo moans again, what Yifan didn’t expect is when Kyungsoo moved back and grinds down on his crotch teasingly.

“Fuck it Kyungsoo,” Yifan couldn’t help but to holds onto Kyungsoo’s waist as he moves their hips together.

Kyungsoo stops and peels off Yifan’s hand and turns around to face Yifan, legs fell to each side of his hips as he sits on Yifan’s lap and sporting a hard on. “Since I’m still in my mid-teens should I blame the hormones that making me horny right now?” Kyungsoo smirks as he grinds onto Yifan’s equally hard length.

“Do you still think I’m cute when I actually want you to fuck me?” He questions again.

Yifan returns the smirk with a much hotter smirk and leans up to kiss Kyungsoo who pulls him for a deeper one and thrusting up onto Kyungsoo and gaining an ecstasy moan from the latter.

“Right now, you’re fucking hot,” Yifan mumbles in between their kisses. “But you’ll always look cute.”

Kyungsoo groans as Yifan thrusts up making him jerks at the force, as he imagining them doing those without these obstacles that are call clothing. “Be grateful that I’m too horny to actually being turned off by that,” Kyungsoo hissed.

“I’m fucking thankful,” Yifan moans while Kyungsoo strips off their clothes. “I am so fucking thankful baby,” he whispered with his deep voice right beside Kyungsoo’s ears and Kyungsoo had never thought being called baby would actually turn him on.

“I’m not cute,” Kyungsoo muttered, unzipping Yifan’s pant. “Oh! Happy birthday, by the way,” Kyungsoo grins as he unzips his own pants.

Well, of course Do Kyungsoo is not as innocent as he looks like, and that Wu Yifan had known of it for quite sometimes, after all Do Kyungsoo knows things that he’s supposed to know.

+ i don't know how it turned this way. i apologize
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aiko: lips!aiko103 on November 7th, 2013 12:23 am (UTC)
for my other half zhonqda
Mon: yixing cutezhonqda on November 12th, 2013 06:00 pm (UTC)

“Do you still think I’m cute when I actually want you to fuck me?” He questions again. oh squishy you are cute whenever ok ok

dude this is perfectly cute and oh my god i like seungsoo's interactions with kyungsoo they are both so cute ;u; and hahahaha yifan's obsession with "baby" kyungsoo go get him like ten Aces or something pls

<3 <3 love this <3
aiko: lips!aiko103 on November 7th, 2013 12:25 am (UTC)
to my precious friend krissingsoo or jooniee whichever account you're using.
krissingsoo: Sehunkrissingsoo on November 7th, 2013 02:42 am (UTC)
this is sooooo good omg i just want to go die forever like ?????
this was amazing on so many levels ahhhhhhh
i loved how it all went down and it started out so fluffy but then suddenly likE WOAH THEY WANT THE SEX REALLY BAD
it was seriously so good omg i want to cry forever
i am so terribly in love; you are the fucking best all around and this fic was the best and i could just die forever
god bless you for writing this

and thank you for saving me a spot; you're the fucking best

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kakikukaku: krisoolovetofudonuts on November 7th, 2013 02:19 am (UTC)
thank you for writing this!!! i loooove eeettt!! <333333
schenlark: pic#121899871schenlarken21 on November 7th, 2013 03:32 am (UTC)
kyaaahh!!! its the sequel!!!

Have you heard KriSooYeol version of Dynamic Duo's Guilty in Sukira? The way Kris says 'baby' on his part is eargasmic & now he's saying it to Kyungsoo in this fic with wicked intentions and I can just imagine the effect he had on Soo *dies*

please write more on this verse and please include hot, sizzling, smex!!!
trying to fix what's damaged: sbdread0write on November 7th, 2013 04:51 am (UTC)
lol omg XDDDD heeheehee
that was...nice :D very nice heeheehee~
tyreling: cute xingtyreling on November 7th, 2013 07:15 am (UTC)
charliebnim: Charliecharliebnim on November 7th, 2013 04:05 pm (UTC)
mamie22_indie: Krisooindira22 on November 7th, 2013 05:55 pm (UTC)
*and i flip my table now*
milkicedtea: honeylimemilkicedtea on November 17th, 2013 02:52 pm (UTC)
omfg i didn't know embrace the cute stuff has a sequel =_=
and this was a perfect sequel xD that kid is indeed a satan in disguise lol